The Issue of Naming the Traditional Religion of the Turks

Wrong Approach of Tackling the Problem


  • Kaan Yeşilyurt
  • Büşra Yeşilyurt


Traditional Turkic Religion, Tengrianism, Sky God Religion, Wrong approaches


When researching beliefs and the development of cultural assets, it is impossible to reach a clear conclusion by evaluating only the findings because it is not possible to place all findings in a chronological order and evaluate them correctly. Similarly, the same phenomenon may also show different variations in different regions or may interact with different cultures differently, or even different syntheses may occur. For this reason, it is not surprising to conclude that many other researchers have carried out their studies so as to present findings supporting a pre-formed ideal framework instead of putting forward an intellectual framework based on his objective evaluation of the findings. Moreover, and worse than that, it is seen that the framework chosen to be supported is generally a wrongly-chosen one. This study focuses on the wrong approaches in researches carried out in the field of history of religions and related ethnocultural fields.




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