The Making of a Polytheistic Religion


  • Büşra Yeşilyurt
  • Kaan Yeşilyurt Ataturk University


polytheistic religion, history of religions, pantheon


Among several religions believed in around the world are polytheistic religions, in which multiple deities, which are mostly assembled into a pantheon of gods and goddesses, are worshipped. Usually a polytheistic religion has a supreme creator god, who is also at the focus of devotion, on top of other gods or goddesses. We try to focus on the process of coming into existence of a polytheistic religion. The hypostasis of a polytheistic religion is highly questionable since it offers order in chaos. Some scholar allege that all primitive or ancient religions were polytheistic and some have evolved into monotheistic religions that people believe in today. While even a pantheon is a hard-to-believe constitution, how could many have united into one abjuring their dignity of being gods. In this respect, there should have been some intervention by human, or there has never been a polytheistic religion. In fact all gods and goddesses in a polytheistic religion are mere reflections of godly deeds, divine actions and qualities, just as the several names for the God in a monotheistic religion.




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